Available Classes:

CUSTOMER SERVICE - How to become a great customer service technician. The objective of this class is to show how to properly handle residents from a maintenance point of view. Having a customer service savvy maintenance staff is one of the greatest advantages a property can have. From preparing for prospective residents, dealing with current residents, resident retention, how to handle emergencies and even when residents move out. Remember maintenance gets called when there is a problem. Having a maintenance staff that can turn a negative into a positive will improve your renewal percentages.....even when the rents go up!

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - Having a comprehensive preventative maintenance program is key for any property. This seminar will teach your staff about all aspects of preventative maintenance. Forms, scheduling, budgeting, life and safety issues and even how to prepare owners / management to spend dollars on unexpected issues. A great preventative maintenance program in the long run will save both time and money.

TEAM WORK and TEAM BUILDING - Your team is your greatest asset. In this class we will go over how to evaluate your maintenance team. What changes could be made to get optimum performance out of your current staff? When do you need to let someone go? The only way to truly compensate for a weak link is not to have one. When you have a strong maintenance team you will have a strong property.

MAINTENANCE SAFETY & EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - Having your staff at work and in one piece is a good thing right? What about having an emergency plan for your property? In this seminar your staff will learn how to be safe in the world of maintenance. HVAC, electrical and plumbing are just some of the safety topics we will cover. Also a special section on OSHA and EPA. Not only having an emergency plan but also knowing how to execute it can be invaluable to your staff, your property and your residents! Staying safe and compliant is the only way to work!

MAINTENANCE ECONOMICS - The nuts and bolts of dollars and sense, After this course you will look at spending money in a whole different way and you will also spend less of it. Budgeting, recycling, and cutting down on being wasteful. How many dried up tubes of caulk have you seen? Once you put a dollar amount to it you will be amazed!

MAINTENANCE IS FROM MARS...... THE OFFICE IS FROM VENUS - Help us help the residents! This class is for our office staffs and property management executives. The office staff can play a crucial role in customer service from the maintenance team. How do you open up communication between maintenance and the office? How can the office staff help maintenance get the job done fast and done right the first time? Learn the tips to make it happen. The maintenance staff and the residents will thank you for it!

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT 101 - This class is all about the management of the operations side of your property.  On all properties, large or small, new or old, luxury or affordable, each property is unique!  Even though they are unique there are 8 core values that if implemented will ensure success on your property.  This class is for current maintenance supervisors, community managers, property management execs and service techs that you may be looking to promote in to a supervisor role.   

CONQUERING ON-CALL - In the epic battle between maintenance and the pager, the pager has always had the advantage.....until now! In this class you will learn several ways to reduce your after hours calls. Preventative maintenance, scheduling, time management and teamwork are just a few of the subjects that we will cover. Pick up some great tips and lower your blood pressure at the same time. 

Maintenance Zen - How to Change Your Service Team's Culture -  Zen.  One way to think of Zen is a total state of focus that involves the body and the mind.  Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion.  That is also what Maintenance Zen is all about.  Find out how to build your service teams for success.  You will learn how to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of your property, your team and possibly even yourself.  Change your culture and change your future.